5 Reasons for Stone Chimneys

5 Reasons for Stone Chimneys

Chimney Choices

As Winter settles in and Spring is right around the corner–or so we hope–it’s time to take a look at your outdoor masonry and consider giving it a makeover. Kelley’s Masonry can build or repair your stone chimneys with a fresh new masonry design that’s both functional and elegant.

Outdoor Masonry

You’re dreaming of a warm night toasting your feet by the fire, but before you light that kindling, make sure your chimneys are in good shape. The cold and wet may have taken a toll on your brick or stone chimney, leaving it in need of some tender loving care. Kelley’s Masonry is standing by to repair and refurbish your chimney, allowing you to use it safely and without worries.

Chimneys and Masonry Design

A chimney serves to clean out the unwanted gases that a fire creates, but chimneys are more than just flues. They can be beautiful in their own right, and Kelley’s masons can build one for you that exhibits all the style you want.

Here are five reasons to choose a well-designed chimney.

  1. Give your home a clean new look. A beat-up chimney won’t work well and will give your house an unkempt look. A repair job will make it look as good as new.
  2. Safety first. A clean, waterproof and tightly sealed chimney is essential if you’re going to use your fireplace safely.
  3. Preserve historical integrity. Kelley’s masons are experts in historical preservation and they will ensure that the materials and the restoration work all stay true to your home’s historical heritage.
  4. Keep style continuity. If your home has a contemporary look, don’t let an old-fashioned chimney clash with it. Similarly, a more rustic and casual home might benefit from having a chimney that looks old even if it’s new.
  5. Use your imagination. Chimney designs can include shapes, lettering, turned elements and even windows. Get inspired by different ideas and let Kelley’s make them your own.

Services for Stone Chimneys

  • Kelley’s provides many services including:
  • Repointing and re-tucking of brick, stone and mortar.
  • Historic preservation in line with local and historical requirements.
  • Installing and repairing chimney caps.

For All Your Masonry Needs, Call Kelley’s

  • We’re a family-owned business that’s built on a reputation for honesty, hard work and integrity.
  • Our highly-skilled artisans have specialized knowledge of both modern techniques and time-honored craftsmanship.
  • Our reviews tell why we’re consistently rated as Loudoun County’s best masonry, year after year.

Do You Feel Lucky?

Chimney sweeps have long been associated with good luck, and it’s considered especially lucky to greet one on New Year’s Day. As the new year begins, count yourself lucky to have a full-service chimney restoration service that’s the best in the business, right in your backyard.

Kelley’s Masonry is voted Loudoun County’s top mason. Passionate about delivering an exceptional remodeling and masonry experience in Northern Virginia. Contact us to learn more about our indoor masonry projects: stone accent walls, fireplace profiles and bar fronts.

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