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  • Do You Need a Lift Repair? 5 Ways to Know Concrete is a durable, versatile material that we can use to build almost anything. At the same time, concrete is subject to crack

  • What’s the Solution for Concrete That’s Settling or sinking? Have you noticed spots where your nicely laid concrete looks like it’s settling or sinking? I

  • Home Bars and Stone If you want to revamp an unused space in your house by turning it into a home bar, playroom or man cave, indoor masonry can bring your ideas to life wit

  • Surrounded by Stone Just as high quality masonry can create beautiful exterior walls and walkways, indoor masonry can bring the same charm to the interior of your home, and

  • Designing with Stone Interior design with stone is a hot trend, and winter is the ideal time to think about indoor masonry. When it’s too cold to landscape, let Kelle

  • Mortar Matters From our earliest history, we humans have turned to the stones around us to create structures that were durable, protective, and unique to each area. In anci

  • Time-Honored Traditional Masonry Traditional masonry is a time-honored technique. The oldest form of building, it has given us temples, cathedrals and houses that have endu

  • Building Something New Loudoun’s Best Mason – Kelley’s Masonry has built something new. Only this time it’s not a wall or an archway. We’ve la

  • Chimney Choices As Winter settles in and Spring is right around the corner–or so we hope–it’s time to take a look at your outdoor masonry and consider giv