Masonry Accent Wall

Designing with Stone

Interior design with stone is a hot trend, and winter is the ideal time to think about indoor masonry. When it’s too cold to landscape, let Kelley’s Masonry show you how the use of stone as art pieces and accents can bring the rugged beauty of outdoors to the inside of your home.

Interior Design With Stone

Here are five benefits from indoor masonry applications – like a stone accent wall.

1 – Go from dreary to dramatic. Nothing matches the rough-hewn, natural feel that stone gives to a room. If you want to freshen up your family room or dining room, give it a bold stroke of texture and form with a solid stone accent wall. Breathe life into boring bathrooms and transform ordinary rooms into cozy, rustic retreats. With all the colors, varieties and shapes of stone available, let yourself be inspired to try new ideas.

2 – Add sound proofing. Stone is a natural sound proofer and this is especially valuable in a room with high ceilings, where sound tends to echo. Use stone to bring the volume down.

3 – Help divide a room. Using stone accents can separate one part of a room from another, for instance, to set off an office space or a reading nook. This works well in open-floor plans where you don’t want to put a door in and upset the flow of the space.

4 – Provide an eye-catching frame. If you have a particularly gorgeous clock, painting or other wall hanging that you want to show off, make it stand out by placing it against a bold backdrop. At Kelley’s we can help you select the right stone to create the perfect focal point.

5 – Up your resale value. A stone accent wall adds enormous beauty to your room and unlike paint or wallpaper, it never needs redoing. Homebuyers, just like you, can relax knowing that it will stay looking as good 20 years from now as it does today. And it fits right in with the current trend of homebuyers who prefer classic styles of homes, earth-based materials like stone, and “bringing the outdoors in.”

Indoor Masonry

If you can dream it…the saying goes, we can design and build it.  Explore the depths of interior stone design and bring us your projects for no hassle estimates on time and expense.  The endless design possibilities are not out of your reach.

    • gives you beauty that is earthy, classic and enduring.
    • has endless design possibilities.
    • creates an unforgettable look.
    • is almost maintenance-free.

Thinking of Stone as Art

At Kelley’s we know that stone lends itself to many artistic possibilities. Our expert craftsmen have built stunning pieces for customers who, like you, wanted to create a living space that met their need for classic, timeless elegance. Nothing matches stone for creating that look and feel. At Kelley’s, we know stones inside out, and we know we can work with you to create a house filled with lasting beauty.

About Kelley’s Masonry

Kelley’s Masonry is voted Loudoun County’s top mason. Passionate about delivering an exceptional remodeling and masonry experience in Northern Virginia. Contact us to learn more about our indoor masonry projects: stone accent walls, fireplace profiles and bar fronts.

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