Stone Bar Front

Stone Bar Front

Home Bars and Stone

If you want to revamp an unused space in your house by turning it into a home bar, playroom or man cave, indoor masonry can bring your ideas to life with a stone bar design that will make it your favorite room in the house. Opt for a bar front or stone bar accents and let Kelley’s Masonry put it all together for you.

Five Reasons Your Bar Should be Stone

1. It will make your bar look like the hideaway of your dreams. If you’re going for the feel of a French or Italian vineyard, stone is the natural choice, but the possibilities are endless. At Kelley’s we’ve worked with clients who had every conceivable decorating goal and we’ve found a way to make them all work. Whether you want a bar that’s a sleek modern den, a pirate’s tavern or a cozy clubhouse, stone will give you any look you like.

2. It’s easy-care. Forget worries about layers of polyurethane, chipping wood, scratches, glass and mug rings, and anything else that goes with a wooden bar. You also won’t have to wonder about kick marks from shoes, or whether wood-boring insects will invade your beloved bar. With a stone bar, you’ll sleep better at night and enjoy your bar more.

3. It fits anywhere in the house. A stone bar will be right at home in a basement that doesn’t get much light and in front of a huge window where the sun comes pouring in. Neither one will affect it or cause it to change color. You can put it in a sunroom, a pool room, or your garage. No other material will adapt as easily to whatever setting you put it in.

4. Stone is environmentally friendly. It’s a sustainable resource and requires no chemicals to keep it clean. Stone doesn’t emit toxins, dust or allergens.

5. It will be unique. No two finished stone projects ever look alike because every piece of stone is different. Kelley’s expert craftsmen can create a finished bar or accent piece that brings out the best of stone’s sizes, colors and shapes while incorporating your design ideas.

Stone Bar Accents

If you don’t want to go all-out with a stone bar, consider incorporating stone accents into its design. A stone countertop, stone panels on one wall or an arched entryway into your bar can all add warmth and drama.

Indoor Masonry Brings Your Ideas to Life

Stone is rich-toned and full of character. Why restrict it to the outdoors when you can bring all that beauty inside and enjoy it every day? At Kelley’s we can take your designs from dream to reality. Call us today and we’ll get started on building a bar that you’ll enjoy coming home to for many years.



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