Stone Fireplace Profile

Stone Fireplace Profile

Surrounded by Stone

Just as high quality masonry can create beautiful exterior walls and walkways, indoor masonry can bring the same charm to the interior of your home, and one of the best places to start is with a gorgeous stone fireplace profile.

Kelley’s Masonry can create a fireplace profile that will be a focal point for relaxing or entertaining, and add richness and value to your home.

Add Warmth with a Stone Fireplace

Enduring beauty. Nothing has the look or feel of stone, and when you add it to your décor it imparts a sense of tradition and durability. Stone lasts forever and its enduring beauty will be a centerpiece of your home for many years.

Fits any décor. Depending on the stone’s color, shape and finishing, a fireplace profile can complement any decorative style. The rough-hewn look of a stone profile, especially coupled with a wooden mantel, is a natural fit for a cottage- or country-style home. But it can also soften the edges of a modern decorating scheme. Choose a design that is natural, striking or dramatic—with the right masonry, it can all work.

Natural warmth. A fireplace offers a natural gathering place. With a stone surround, you can create a focal point for your room that invites coziness and creates a comfortable gathering spot, whether your fireplace is wood-burning, electric or gas-powered.

Resale Value. If you’re planning to sell your home, you should know that an attractive, working fireplace is on the “must-have” list of most homebuyers, and can increase your home’s value by thousands of dollars.

Benefits of Indoor Masonry

Stone’s beauty fits anywhere. At Kelley’s Masonry, we know that stone is beautiful inside and out. It’s the perfect building material for exterior walls for many reasons, and those same qualities make it an excellent choice for interior design elements.

Rot resistance. With stone, you never have to worry about dry rot, mold or mildew.

Insect resistance. Stone keeps out termites, ants and other pests.

High Quality Masonry Makes the Difference

No two stone profiles are alike. Because masonry can’t be rushed or automated, every piece of finished stonework is unique. The same will be true of your fireplace profile.

The details matter. At Kelley’s, we create stone pieces that are works of true craftsmanship. These are pieces that can last a lifetime. We know this and that’s why we take the time needed to create each with one care and precision.

We share your vision. We share your dreams for what your home can look like. Better yet, we can make those dreams a reality.

Kelley’s Masonry: Your Top Choice in Loudoun County

Make the choice. Kelley’s Masonry is a family-owned business that has been run for generations on the principles of honesty, integrity and pride in our work. Discover why we’re Loudoun County’s favorite masonry, and why our customers return to us time and time again for fine stonework.

Bring it in. You’re already familiar with the work we do building fine stone walkways, arches, retaining walls, patios and other elements of outside landscaping. Now you can bring that same rugged, rustic charm to the inside of your home.

Make it yours. We would love to meet with you, to plan and design a fireplace that will be the centerpiece of your family’s life, one that will be easy to care for and lovely to look at year after year.


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Kelley’s Masonry is voted Loudoun County’s top mason. Passionate about delivering an exceptional remodeling and masonry experience in Northern Virginia. Contact us to learn more about our indoor masonry projects: stone accent walls, fireplace profiles and bar fronts.

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